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Meadowlands Activity Center

Meadowlands Park 55+ Community is proud to introduce the new Activity Center—a haven designed exclusively for our residents. With a friendly & welcoming North Dakota charm, this private 2,100 square-foot facility is redefining the way our community and residents can embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The Activity Center continues to hosts a variety of events like Bingo, movie nights, potlucks, themed parties, game nights, crafting workshops, sewing circles, and book clubs.


For more information on the Meadowlands 55+ Community or to schedule times to see the available homes, please call 701-712-1353 or email

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Fitness Center

Featuring one treadmill, stationary bikes, and various exercise equipment, our fitness center is the perfect place for residents to maintain their health and well-being in a friendly, convenient, and respectful environment.

Neighborly Dinning Area

The expansive sitting & dinning area has 8 large round tables complete chairs sets of chairs it provides seating up to 40 people perfect for hosting events in addition to being the ideal space for residents to unwind, sip coffee, share stories, and build lasting friendships.

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Country Kitchen

At the heart of our community, our state-of-the-art kitchen is where neighbors can come together for potlucks, cooking demonstrations, and sharing recipes, fostering a sense of connection through the joy of food. Complete with large Refrigerator, freezer, stocked pantry, and warming prep area, there’s always food to go around.

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Billiards & Game Room

Our billiards table offers residents a space to shoot some pool, engage in friendly banter, and relish in the joy of a well-played game.

Library & Puzzle Sections

Our community library and puzzle nook invites residents to immerse themselves in good books, participate in book clubs, take part in a challenging puzzle, or simply enjoy a quiet retreat surrounded by a selection of communal books.

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